Keys to get comfortable safety shoes in 2023

Often when we are choosing our pair of shoes for work we have safety as a priority, far ahead of comfort. This is not the problem; After all, job security is the most important thing. However, this implies that our feet will often suffer throughout the workday.

Although more safety is better, we must also look for comfort and take advantage of the many benefits associated with wearing comfortable shoes. For example, they can reduce foot fatigue and pain in the lower back or legs and ultimately improve our mood.

Don't get in the way of the safety tip

One of the most important elements for your comfort that you must ensure when buying safety footwear is that your fingers are not pressed against the safety toe or other protection.

punta de acero de calzado de seguridad

You can try to solve this problem by looking for wider shoes, but this does not always solve the problem of chafing. Better, so that the safety point does not get in the way and keep the board away from your fingers look for safety shoes that are a little longer.

Avoid plantar fasciitis with the right safety shoes

botas fascitis plantar
Plantar fasciitis can be painful. This causes pain in the heel or in the middle area of the sole of the foot, especially in the morning or after to make efforts physical involving foot load.
Suffering from this condition can make your workday miserable. Therefore, if you suffer from this problem you should get footwear from security special. Some shoe manufacturers offer boots that meet all standards international, but at the same time provide support with padded added support and arch support.

Additional elements of comfort in your footwear

botas keen

Other features to consider that you can look for when buying safety shoes

  • Boot cushioning, very useful to protect your foot from hard surfaces such as concrete.
  • Ankle support.
  • antibacterial insoles and antifungal, prevents bad foot odor and excessive sweating.
  • Asymmetrical steel toes, designed to conform to the shape of the foot and toes so they feel less.
We hope these simple recommendations help you get comfortable safety shoes and enjoy your work more.
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