Importance of safety footwear at work (Dangers of not wearing the right boots)

According to ILO, 317 million occupational accidents occur annually in the world. In addition, every day 6,300 people die as a result of work-related accidents or illnesses; more than 2.3 million deaths a year.

Accidents happen without warning. For this reason, safety must be a key component of life and even more so at work. In this sense, safety footwear is an essential element to avoid foot injuries and other related disorders.

Safety footwear protects you at work

Below are the main reasons that demonstrate the importance of safety footwear at work.

Safety footwear protects from falling objects

when workers carry heavy objects or work in places with a lot of movement; people, machines, vehicles etc. It is common for tools or other things to fall. These accidents can cause crushed feet, broken bones, and even the loss of toes.

These accidents are especially common in the construction industry. In these cases, the appropriate safety footwear can prevent foot fractures.

Safety footwear protects against foot punctures

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When workers are at risk of stepping on sharp objects or being struck by them on the foot. For example, in construction zones many sharp objects can be found in the path of workers. A soft-soled shoe might not provide enough protection, while one with templates high resistance, heavy and hard and with thick materials around the foot it could.

Safety footwear protects from cuts

Sharp machinery or machinery with moving parts can create cutting hazards for workers. Especially in industries like logging, where chainsaws are used.

Safety footwear protects against electrical hazards

Electricity poses a variety of workplace hazards. Workers can be electrocuted or build up static electricity that can create sparks in certain environments. These types of accidents are especially deadly, so special care must be taken. To reduce the risk it is necessary to wear non-conductive footwear made of leather, rubber or other materials that do not conduct electricity.

Safety footwear protects against slips, trips and falls

These types of accidents happen all the time in the workplace. Although the material of the floor has a great influence in this type of accident, safety footwear with the appropriate traction can prevent these falls. In addition, they also help with balance and can prevent falls on stairs, common when workers do not wear shoes with proper soles.

Safety footwear reduces fatigue

People who work standing on hard surfaces like concrete can tire easily, especially when they don't have the right shoes. For this, the security boots They provide adequate cushioning and support for the arch of the foot that helps to relieve tension in the muscles.

Safety footwear protects from burns

Burns from fire or chemicals can occur at work. Shoes made of durable materials can prevent them. These protect feet from chemical spills, molten metal splashes, or other hazardous substances.

Safety footwear protects from adverse weather conditions

Cold weather can cause frostbite or hypothermia. People who work outdoors during winter, in cold areas or in refrigerated environments are exposed to this risk. In addition, these conditions can create other dangerous disorders such as Raynaud's phenomenon. That is why it is necessary that the footwear be waterproof and that it provide protection against the cold, rain and snow.

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There are many jobs where safety starts at the feet. Proper safety footwear is not only very important in protecting the feet, but also in the lives of workers.

With so many types of safety boots and shoes, there's no reason workers shouldn't properly protect themselves from the hazards they may face.

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