Protection for your feet at work

  • Guía de compra de Botas de seguridad para mujer livianas

    Women's Lightweight Safety Boots Buying Guide

    Lightweight women's safety boots are essential equipment for any woman working in a potentially dangerous work environment. Did you know that simple carelessness can cause serious foot injuries? However, safety boots can be uncomfortable and heavy, so choosing a lightweight pair is essential. The…

  • Cómo secar las botas de cuero o botas de trabajo: errores a evitar y mejores métodos

    How to Dry Leather Boots or Work Boots: Mistakes to Avoid and Best Methods

    Leather or work boots can easily get very wet at work, playing sports or simply on a daily basis. It is very annoying to walk in wet boots. They can also cause many problems such as blisters, pain, bad odors or even infections such as athlete's foot. Before seeing effective methods to dry…

  • Guia completa sobre cómo limpiar botas y calzado de gamuza

    Complete guide on how to clean suede boots and footwear

    The suede of boots and shoes is a very delicate material and easy to damage, so care must be taken when cleaning it. Suede shoes can get dirty very easily. Alcohol or food can get on it at a party, mud or dirt on the street or stains from use...

  • Guia de compra de plantillas para botas y calzado de trabajo o seguridad (Hombres y Mujeres)

    Buying guide for insoles for work or safety boots and footwear (Men and Women)

    The comfort of our feet at work not only depends on the appropriate boots or safety shoes, but also on the insoles we use. Templates are essential. These should correspond to your foot type and work needs. If the insoles are used correctly, they protect you and prevent foot pain,…

  • Top 10 trabajos más peligrosos del mundo

    Top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world

    Not all jobs have the same risks. There are jobs with high risk for workers, even with all safety measures. This is a list of the jobs considered the most dangerous in the world. 10. Foreman or Landscaping Workers 9. Electricity Line Installers 8. Farmers and Ranchers 7. Truck Drivers…

  • Importancia del calzado de seguridad en el trabajo (Peligros de no usar las botas adecuados)

    Importance of safety footwear at work (Dangers of not wearing the right boots)

    According to the ILO, 317 million workplace accidents occur annually in the world. Additionally, every day 6,300 people die as a result of work-related accidents or illnesses; more than 2.3 million deaths a year. Accidents happen without warning. Therefore, security must be a key component of life and more...

  • Cómo se hacen las botas de seguridad

    How safety boots are made

    Two videos that easily explain how the production process of safety or work boots is. From the treatment of the leather, the assembly of the boot, finishes, design, safety mechanisms (safety toe), soles, etc.

  • Claves para conseguir zapatos de seguridad cómodos en 2023

    Keys to get comfortable safety shoes in 2023

    Often when we are choosing our pair of shoes for work we have safety as a priority, far ahead of comfort. This is not the problem; After all, job security is the most important thing. However, this means that our feet will often suffer throughout the…

  • Qué son y cómo comprar zapatos o botas dieléctricos

    What are they and how to buy dielectric shoes or boots

    What are dielectric shoes? To start, it is important to know that dielectric shoes or boots are different from insulating shoes. Dielectric shoes have low electrical conductivity, that is, they are insulators, but they also have the property of forming electric dipoles that reduce the intensity of electric fields. In this way, all the footwear…

  • Guia para comprar las mejores botas de caucho

    Guide to buy the best rubber boots

    Rubber boots, rubber boots, or rain boots used to be seen as ugly footwear. Available only in dark colors and used by people in dirty jobs. However, today things are different. It is possible to find rubber boots in various colors and styles, finally they are rightly recognized as…