How to Dry Leather Boots or Work Boots: Mistakes to Avoid and Best Methods

Leather or work boots can easily get very wet at work, playing sports or simply on a daily basis.

It is very annoying to walk with wet boots. They can also cause many problems such as blisters, pain, bad odors or even infections such as athlete's foot.

Before looking at effective methods for drying leather or work boots, some ways on how to NO work boots must be dried.

Errors when drying leather or work boots

bandeja para secar botas

Excessive heat can damage boots 

It is very easy to damage the leather of the boots. This can dry out from excessive heat causing it to become damaged and crack and fall apart. 
Therefore, work boots should not be dried with direct heat sources such as heaters, dryers, stoves, fireplaces, or campfires. Also, not only the leather is damaged, excessive heat can also affect the glues or adhesives that join some parts of the boot.

Clean boots before letting dry

To dry leather boots properly, it is best to clean them beforehand. If they dry with mud and dirt on the leather, they may leave stains that are difficult to remove.

Dry the inside of the boots

It dries the inside of the boots very well. The exterior dries faster than the interior, so many times we think that the boot is already dry but in reality it is still wet on the inside. 
This is especially serious, because when the boots dry, the evaporation of the water facilitates the multiplication of fungi and bacteria inside.

How to dry leather or work boots correctly and faster

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Before drying the boots it is a good idea, if possible, to separate the boots insoles. The boot insoles can be dried in the dryer or by similar methods.

boot drying fan

Put a fan focused on the boots and with space for air to flow. These should be as close as possible to the fan, they can be supported on the floor or a table or hung on a hook or clothes hanger.
If you put the boots on a table or floor, then use a towel under the boots to soak up the water and speed up the process.

newspaper to dry boots

If you have a pair of boots that you want to take care of a lot, a delicate but also slower method is to dry them using newspaper.
Put newspaper inside the boots and also around them. If you want to speed up the process, change the newspaper to a new one every 2-3 hours.

Rice to dry boots

Similar to newspaper, rice is very useful for absorbing moisture from boots. 
The best way to dry the boots with rice is to put a little rice, about 2 cm, in a plastic bag big enough to fit the boots. Then put the boots in and close the bag well.
Within a few hours most of the moisture in the boots should be absorbed by the rice.

Boot drying towels

To start, make sure the towels are completely dry. 
Put part of the towel inside the boots and use the rest to wrap the boots. If necessary, after a while, replace the towel with another that is dry.

PVC pipes for drying boots

If you have some PVC pipes you can create frames to dry the work boots. The final shape does not matter much, the important thing is that the air flows through the tubes into the boots.
tubos de pvc para secar botas de trabajo

boot dryers

The last option is to buy boot dryers. There is equipment specifically designed to dry and eliminate all kinds of odors from boots and footwear for personal use in a few hours.
Its use ensures the elimination of bacteria and fungi. They can also be used to dry gloves and other types of footwear.
In Latin America they are not very common, but you can get them on Amazon or in specialized stores.
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