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  • Cómo se hacen las botas de seguridad

    How safety boots are made

    Two videos that easily explain how the production process of safety or work boots is. From the treatment of the leather, the assembly of the boot, finishes, design, safety mechanisms (safety toe), soles, etc.

  • Claves para conseguir zapatos de seguridad cómodos en 2023

    Keys to get comfortable safety shoes in 2023

    Often when we are choosing our pair of shoes for work we have safety as a priority, far ahead of comfort. This is not the problem; After all, job security is the most important thing. However, this means that our feet will often suffer throughout the…

  • Qué son y cómo comprar zapatos o botas dieléctricos

    What are they and how to buy dielectric shoes or boots

    What are dielectric shoes? To start, it is important to know that dielectric shoes or boots are different from insulating shoes. Dielectric shoes have low electrical conductivity, that is, they are insulators, but they also have the property of forming electric dipoles that reduce the intensity of electric fields. In this way, all the footwear…

  • Cómo elegir botas de seguridad cómodas para mujer u hombre

    How to choose comfortable safety boots for women or men

    This entry talks about safety boots and the comfort that you should look for when purchasing. Here are some key tips to help you choose comfortable boots for your work. Comfortable work boots are not a luxury or a waste of money, they are a necessity. An uncomfortable boot can affect your feet and at worst...