Guide to buying the best safety or work boots for women

Although there are more and more women on construction sites and in
other jobs that require safety footwear, there are still few options for women's safety boots in these industries.

Because of this, the vast majority of work boots or construction or industrial boots on the market are for men. The offer that women find is low. However, it is becoming easier to find quality safety boots that meet the specific needs of women. 
First of all, when buying women should
look for security and not style. The safety of the footwear should be the priority, so you have to pay attention to elements such as the safety toe, non-slip properties, the sole, the insulation, if it is waterproof or not, etc.

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Also, before buying construction boots, either in a physical store or in an online store, they should know the desirable safety characteristics of the footwear, the available materials, the manufacturing methods and how to find the right size.
If you are going to buy them online, make sure you know your size and use the size guides offered by the vast majority of online stores. Search in stores like Amazon or Mercado Libre with very precise terms about the boot you want, for example, “Safety boots for women waterproof”. Also keep in mind the reputation of the sellers and rate them once you make the purchase.
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The right women's work boots

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The boots you buy should be suitable for the job you have. It is very common for additional money to be spent on functions or features that are never actually used. When buying, consider exactly what you need in your safety boots. Thus, it is the only way to get the most out of your investment.

If, for example, you work in a warehouse or in construction, places where there is a high risk of heavy objects falling, it is best to look for women's industrial boots with steel or aluminum toes or other protective materials and hard soles that protect from nails or other pointed objects.

Differences of safety boots for women

How are women's work boots different from men's work boots?

Smaller: Starting with the obvious, women's work or construction boots run smaller. If women were to wear a man's shoes they would find that they are wider and longer than they need to be, as well as being considerably heavier.

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Little variety: Since women do not dominate in most industries where it is necessary to wear some type of safety shoe, the catalog available to them is scarce. Hence, for women it can be very difficult to find boots with certain safety features.

Higher prices: Women's work boots can be more expensive than men's because they are harder to come by. As the demand for work boots for women is lower and they require special manufacturing, their costs are higher.

more fashion: women have greater style and color options, compared to men.

Materials to consider when buying women's safety boots

When buying any type of safety shoe or boot, it is important to consider the material from which they are made and not only the functions that they promise us. Some materials last longer, while others are cheaper.

Some commonly used materials are leather, nylon, and full grain leather.

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He leather waterproof is a great option. In addition to protecting from any moisture, it is very durable. The only problem is that it is usually more expensive.

He full grain leather It is very durable and waterproof. But, it is heavier and does not allow much perspiration.

While the boots made of nylon They are light and allow the foot to breathe more. They are also very flexible and comfortable and can be waterproof.

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Final Tips for Buying Women's Safety Boots

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  • The sizes vary according to the manufacturer. Therefore, if you are going to buy safety boots or shoes online, look at the size guides they offer and the conventions according to the country.
  • Check the details, seams and cuts. For example, continuous and closer seams are signs of quality in footwear.
  • Dark colors are the most recommended as they help hide wear and tear on the boot.
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