Complete guide on how to clean suede boots and footwear

The suede of boots and shoes is a very delicate material and easy to damage, so care must be taken when cleaning it.

Suede shoes can get dirty very easily. Alcohol or food can fall on it at a party, mud or dirt on the street or stain from the use of shoe polish or similar products. Chamois cannot get wet like smooth leathers.

We are going to explain how to properly clean shoe suede using specialized items or simply common household objects.

Initial considerations for cleaning any suede footwear

First, before you clean suede boots or shoes, you should allow them to dry completely. To speed up the process you can put the boots in the freezer so that the mud and dirt hardens.

It is much easier to remove dirt and mud when it is dry. If you start cleaning it and the shoe is still wet, the mud will stick more easily and ruin the suede.

Second, determine the space where you are going to clean the boots. If not, you can easily dirty floors and rugs. Use newspaper on the floor or a plastic container or go to a place where you can dirty.

limpieza de botas de gamuza

How to clean suede boots and shoes with common implements

If you don't have specialized cleaning supplies, don't worry. You can clean your boots or any suede shoes with items you can find around your house or easily get.

Clean mud and dirt

To start, use a knife or putty knife to clean dirt and dirt from the suede boot. You can also use a dry cloth or rag.
Then use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush the boot. Be careful and always do it in the same direction. This will lift the hairs from the chamois and remove any dirt from it.
To clean the remaining dirt and dust particles use a nail file, gently rub the suede.

Cleaning scratches and stains from suede shoes

Files are also useful for cleaning shiny stains. But you have to be careful not to use this method frequently because it can damage the suede.

Another method for cleaning light scratches and stains is to use a pencil eraser or damp baby wipes or cloths. Useful because they help dissolve stains without damaging the suede of the boots. If you use them, make sure after dry boots very good.

If you have stains that won't come out, try using a bit of vinegar. Dissolve it with water, use a quarter of vinegar in relation to water.

drying suede boots

Do not let the boots get too wet. If suede boots get wet, use newspaper and sponges as soon as possible to dry them. If the boots get very wet, they may get stained.
Finally, it is highly recommended to invest in products designed to clean suede boots and shoes. Replacements from homemade products should only be used sporadically, as they can damage the boots as stated.

How to clean suede boots with specialized tools

To properly clean suede boots you will need some specialized tools:
  • Suede brush or shoe shine.
Cepillo de gamuza o limpiabotas
  • Rubber or suede eraser.
Goma de o borrador de gamuza

If the boots have a lot of dirt or dirt, let them dry well and then clean them with a knife or spatula. Then, use the chamois brush to remove any remaining dirt. Always brushing in the same direction.

Then, use the suede eraser on scratches and blemishes. Finally, use the brush again to clean away any marks and residue from the eraser.
(Do not get the boots wet, the water can stain the boots.)

A very helpful video that explains more about how to clean chamois.

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