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  • Importancia del calzado de seguridad en el trabajo (Peligros de no usar las botas adecuados)

    Importance of safety footwear at work (Dangers of not wearing the right boots)

    According to the ILO, 317 million workplace accidents occur annually in the world. Additionally, every day 6,300 people die as a result of work-related accidents or illnesses; more than 2.3 million deaths a year. Accidents happen without warning. Therefore, security must be a key component of life and more...

  • Guia para comprar las mejores botas de caucho

    Guide to buy the best rubber boots

    Rubber boots, rubber boots, or rain boots used to be seen as ugly footwear. Available only in dark colors and used by people in dirty jobs. However, today things are different. It is possible to find rubber boots in various colors and styles, finally they are rightly recognized as…

  • Cómo elegir botas de seguridad cómodas para mujer u hombre

    How to choose comfortable safety boots for women or men

    This entry talks about safety boots and the comfort that you should look for when purchasing. Here are some key tips to help you choose comfortable boots for your work. Comfortable work boots are not a luxury or a waste of money, they are a necessity. An uncomfortable boot can affect your feet and at worst...

  • Guía para comprar las mejores botas de seguridad o trabajo para mujer

    Guide to buying the best safety or work boots for women

    Although there are more and more women on construction sites and in other jobs that require safety footwear, there are still few options for women's safety boots in these industries. Because of this, the vast majority of work boots or construction boots or industrial on the market are for…