5 key tips to take care of your work boots and make them last longer

When we buy boots we want them to last a long time and always look like new. However, this is not going to happen. What is going to happen is that you are going to take care of the boots in the best way so that they last as long as possible and that they always look their best. For this reason, here we tell you through basic, but key, tips, how to achieve this.

Keep the leather moist

The leather of the boot must be kept somewhere between completely dry and over-moistened. On the one hand, if it does not have enough moisture, the leather will crack and split, in addition to affecting flexibility. On the other hand, excessive humidity can deform it.

In this sense, consider investing in products to nourish the leather of your boots and maintain the proper level of moisture and flexibility in your boots.

betun de botas

There are many products worth trying, such as leather soaps, almond oil shoe polishes or vision oil. Although be careful that some products can affect the color of your boots, especially those of light colors.

Keep your boots waterproof

While many of the safety boots on the market are waterproof, they will most likely require maintenance.

It is advisable to use products to maintain waterproofing. Although, it must be borne in mind that complete waterproofing is never achieved, but the boot is protected in the short term.

Use products like spray shoe waterproofing, wax polishes or special waterproof compounds.

Clean your boots!

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The simplest advice. At least once a week clean your boots. If you do it daily even better.

Dust and dirt can erode the surface of your footwear and reduce its useful life.

Also take care of your boots from spills. Spot clean with a damp paper towel and moisturizing soap. The ideal is to let them dry naturally, otherwise you can use some method to dry them faster.

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If they have any moisture inside, use newspaper.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations

Normally, the care recommendations given by manufacturers are logically short. Look for them when you buy the boots and follow them.

Also, don't try to do things that you think have a chance of damaging your boots, such as washing them in the washing machine or drying them in the dryer or with a hand dryer. Do not use conventional cleaning products either, use only products designed specifically for footwear.

Consider repairing your work boots

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Most of the damage to your boots is repairable. You can replace the soles, replace rings and hooks, make darning or patches among others.

While shoe repair businesses are becoming rarer, they are worth seeking out. You save a lot of money and you will have boots that meet your needs.

Safety boots are a considerable investment, so take care of them and make them your co-workers.

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