Guide to buy the best rubber boots

Rubber boots, rubber boots, or rain or water boots used to be seen as ugly footwear. Available only in dark colors and worn by people in dirty jobs.

However, today things are different. It is possible to find rubber boots in various colors and styles, finally they are justly recognized as a valuable work tool by many people.

For those interested in buying rubber or rubber boots, whether they are high or medium cane, and getting the best safety footwear, this post is an easy-to-follow guide.

Materials and manufacture of Rubber Boots

Look for quality before price. If you want your boots to last, take into account the materials and the manufacturing process of the rubber boot you are looking for.

In the productionThe most important thing is the union of the different parts that make up the boot. There are two ways: through vulcanization or through waterproof glues.

On the one hand, vulcanization melts all the parts of the boot into a single integral piece and guarantees that they are 100% waterproof. This process also helps prevent discoloration and peeling. On the other hand, waterproof glued boots are less reliable.

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It is better to look for vulcanized boots and that the sole does not come off over time.

Likewise, the type of material used in the manufacture of boots impacts the weight, durability and waterproofing of the boot. The two most popular materials are:

Neoprene: A lightweight synthetic rubber resistant to degradation caused by the sun and environmental conditions. It also resists acceptably many solvents and chemicals and withstands bending and twisting damage. However, it is less resistant to cuts, punctures, or abrasions.

Natural rubber: resistant to water, acids, alcohols. They also resist cuts and punctures very well and are non-slip.

Protection, buckles and zippers of rubber boots

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Seek that the boots have additional protection, especially in the tip of the foot and in the heel area.

If you work with heavy tools or there is a risk of impacts on your foot, consider rubber boots with a safety toe, either made of steel or composite materials.

Also, the buckles on the boot shaft are very useful. When tightened they allow a secure fit around the calves and prevent dirt from entering the inside of the boots. They are especially useful in high-top boots.

Finally, if the rubber boots have zippers it is a plus. Well, you can put them on and take them off easier.

Socks suitable for rubber boots

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To wear rubber boots, do not use 100% cotton socks, as they retain moisture.

The use of socks made of this material combined with the low perspiration characteristic of rubber boots can easily cause blisters on your feet. Thus, the best option is to wear wool socks.

Other tips for buying the best rubber boots

  • If you are going to buy them online, look at the size guide to make sure they fit you well.
  • If you're going to be wearing your boots in cold or wet weather, look for them with inner linings designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable.
  • For a more security-focused guide, visit: safety footwear guide.



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